Global Warming Extra Credit Assignment


Introduction:  Global warming has now been established as a fact by virtually all climate scientists worldwide. Presently, the levels of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, in the atmosphere are at levels never seen before in the last 600,000 years, and that these gases are continuing to increase in the atmosphere at an alarming rate.  Most recent scientific evidence shows that human activities are producing a significant part of this increase.  Several years ago, a movie titled “An Inconvenient Truth” and staring Al Gore, focused on the global warming issue.  This movie presents a comprehensive set of evidence that supports the notion that the earth’s atmosphere, land and ocean are warming up.  Al Gore does an excellent job at presented the evidence, discussing the consequences, and offering solutions to the global warming issue. Opinions and interpretations are also given, based on the factual evidence presented.  Note that a couple of years have gone by since the making of this movie, and that a significant amount of new climate data has been compiled since then.   For the latest reports on global warming issued by the International Panel on Climate Change, go to this link:  http:/ ,   which is the most respected scientific body in the world when it comes to climate science.


Assignment Directions:  Your extra credit assignment is to 1) Watch the movie, “Inconvenient Truth”, 2) Take notes about the movie; and 3) Write an essay (in outline format) that addresses the five questions below.

Your written response must have at least 1200-words, typed, spell and grammar checked, and be in an outline form for consideration of full credit.   Your response will be graded based on thoughtful, reasoned opinions – supported by appropriate evidence – as well as your command of the facts and concepts concerning global warming.    A total of up to10 points are possible for this extra credit assignment.


Question 1) What types of physical evidence, in your view, represent the strongest proof that the Earth is warming and that human activities are at least partly responsible?  You need to list at least three different lines of evidence.


Question 2) What roles do the oceans play in climate change and global warming?  Need to list, describe and explain at least three roles.


Question 3) Why does global warming matter to humans and their environment?  In other words, what bad effects are happing now, or could happen soon, because of global warming?  You need to list at three different types of negative effects, including a description and explanation for each negative effect.


Question 4) What, in your view, are the most important specific steps that an individual can take to deal with the problem?  (Local-scale action)  Need to list, describe and explain at least three types of actions.


Question 5) What, in your view, are the most important specific steps that governments and nations can take to deal with the problem? (Regional- and global-scale action) Need to list, describe and explain at least three types of actions.